Sanitary and housing technology

Feel comfortable and go easy on resources. In the area of sanitary and housing technology we attempt to increase the living value of your house as well as your physical comfort. We also want to help you save energy costs using modern technology.

Bathrooms, wellness and bathroom design

Sanitary facilities and furniture

Baths have changed a lot throughout the years. From the wet cubical, which was just for cleaning the body, it has now become the wellness and cocooning area to recover from the day’s work. A relaxing bath or just a refreshing shower – it does not require much effort to create your private wellness zone. Ask our experts. We offer complete solutions for bathrooms all from one supplier and we do all sanitary installations for industrial properties and private residences. Classic, harmonious or avant-garde – your taste decides. The interplay of ritual characteristics of the element water and new bath designs focus on the attraction of visual experience. In all varieties of shapes and colours we can offer everything possible for “Bathroom facilities and furniture”. The attraction of visual experience is brought into the foreground by the interplay of new shapes and ritual characteristics of the element water. Clear, harmonic shapes, accurate in detail offer a world of possibilities.

Experience shower

The shower system including shower head and hand shower are installed completely onto the fittings. We will find a solution for every construction situation concerning tub and shower. Wherever you want your shower, nearly everything is possible for pure shower pleasure.

Experience bath tub, whirlpool and steam bath

We offer a wide range of high class sanitary equipment for the private bathroom. It includes a broad selection of bath tubs, whirlpools, shower tubs, steam baths, washstands and in the sector of wellness products for the private bathroom. Today steam showers in given sizes are part to our assortment and individual steam baths, composed out of single components, adapted to the available space of the particular bath room. The bath tub as well has developed to a "multi talent" – Choose a tub model and then decide on further wellness options: Either a massage system, like the spine therapy, as well as light or sound or one of the whirl systems. This guarantees many years of pure fun in the bathroom.

Fittings in kitchen and bath

Excerpt of our broad assortment of fittings in kitchen and bath.


Don’t be afraid of renovation – our work is fast, clean and professional. With Dangel there are no limits in designing your bathroom. Whether you require a completely new concept for your bathroom or just a modernization like new fittings for a shower-cabin, we will support you with individual consultation, flexible planning and professional installation. Make more out of your bathroom.

Before-After Examples:

Renovation of a guest toilet before and after.

Renovation of a guest toilet lavatory before and after.

Renovation of a bathroom before and after.

Renovation of a shower before and after.

Renovation of a toilet and bidet.

Renovation of a bathroom before and after.

Bathtub in bathtub

A charming bathroom – we change your bath- or shower tub within three hours. Normally the renovation of a bathtub can really get on your nerves. Dust, dirt and damage of tiles while changing the old tub are typical frustrations. You won’t get all this with a tub system from Dangel. Tub and shower elements are available in many models and in all popular colours. They are made from high grade, skin-friendly sanitary acrylic and are simply inset into the old bathtub. Of course your old overflow set can be replaced by a new one – for long and untarnished bath pleasure. Here’s how it works:

1. Measuring the tub

First of all the old tub will be measured by a specialist. Then a suitable tub model in your preferred colour is chosen.

2. Preparing for the tub

Round the old tub, all preparation steps will be done – for example taking off the old fittings. After the installation of the new tub, the fittings can be reinstalled or replaced with a modern version.

3. Fixing the new drain and overflow set

The old tub will be cut open, the old drain and overflow set will be taken out and replaced by the new one.

4. Cutting the tub to size

The new tub will be cut to size on site. The cutter is equipped with a dust-catching bag for clean, dust- free work.

5. Working on the edges

The cutting edges of the new tub are thoroughly polished off.

6. Putting on the two-component polyurethane foam

In between the old and the new tub two-component polyurethane foam is used for insulation – so your bath will stay warm much longer and also save energy.

7. Mounting the new tub

Now the new tub will be placed into the old one. It will be levelled and fixed into the old tub.

8. Grouting with silicone

For the grouting process the edges of the tub will be cleaned and sealed with silicone.

9. The new tub is finished

Finally the tub will be filled with water to join the tub with the polyurethane foam in the right place. Now you can enjoy your bath!


Intro images © HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Wellness and safety – barrier-free living. Barrier-free bathrooms make living easier in private and public life. We do the planning and realization of bathrooms adapted to the needs of seniors, children and disabled people. Our large range offers:

  • Water hydraulic bath lifts
  • Grab rails, hold- and support hinged handles in various designs
  • Hinged and mounted seats
  • Barrier-free showers
  • Hinged seats for bath tubs
  • Tilt protection and backrests for WCs
  • Tilt mirrors
  • Washstands for children

And a lot more, all in attractive colours and modern shapes.

Tip: Ask your appropriate authority for financial support concerning alterations of bathrooms for the disabled and seniors.

Floor-level shower systems

New arrangements in your bathroom are offered by our linear drainage systems. The shower is barrier- free without a shower tub. If you don’t mind a little bit of spray, your bathroom can be a boundless shower zone. The shower groove can be covered with stainless steel covers in various designs for adding accents. Also the shower groove can be tiled to match the floor tiles of the bathroom.

The WC of the future

  • Oscillating warm water shower jet for a thorough, gentle and comfortable cleaning that also helps to prevent or alleviate illness
  • Warm air dryer, temperature adjustable for gentle drying of skin
  • Automatic cleaning and disinfecting of shower arm for hygiene
  • Integrated odor-extraction system for convenient and odor free WC use
  • Remote (included in scope of delivery) for setting individual user profiles
  • Ceramic by Villeroy&Boch, Ceramic-Plus-Coating

Wheelchair accessible washing stand

  • Sufficient freedom of movement in front of the washing stand
  • Height of washing stand: approx. 85 cm
  • Grab rails for safety on the washing stand
  • Mirrors visible also in sitting position
  • Surface for placing items in access of the washing stand
  • Fitting with temperature limit (contact-free or single-lever fitting)

Barrier-free in public use

A modern and clear solution for public use made from brushed stainless steel. In this highly frequented area, avoidance of sharp corners, the use of suitable radii and covered fastenings guarantee its user safety and protect against vandalism. The functional areas like washing stand, shower and WC can be fully equipped with a variety of furnishing elements and accessories. The brushed surface of the products can be cleaned easily and is more or less fingerprint proof - an important aspect in public use.

Water treatment

Healthy drinking water – our most important foodstuff. We can not live without water, as water is our most important foodstuff. There are so many substances in our water like salt, magnesium, iron, but also ingredients which are not healthy or even harmful for us. Calcium carbonate, rust and dirt can do harm to house and water installations. These substances affect the taste of our drinking water and lead to a higher energy consumption. With our specific water treatment technology, we make sure that your sanitary equipment stays free of calcium carbonate and your tap water stays clean – for safe consumption of drinking water. And all this for over 35 years. Safety and hygiene are the main dictates in water treatment. Regulations from the German Institute for Standardization stipulate different measures to protect the quality of our drinking water and of sanitary installations. We can give you professional consultation.

Our range:

  • Calcium carbonate and rust protection systems
  • Water filter systems
  • Dosing computers for corrosion protection
  • Water softeners
  • Safety systems

Rainwater use

Rainwater – this option makes good economic sense

Using rainwater in house and garden means going easy on resources, but not only that. Drinking water consumption can be reduced by up to 50 % by using rainwater in your household – without any loss of comfort and hygiene. This will save you money.

Application in the garden

Simple solutions in the area of roof drainage, like the rainwater collectors from Dangel, catch approx. 50 % of the rainwater which can now be used for watering the garden. Complete rainwater systems for the garden come as a kit, including tank, filter and submergible – or suction pump. Just ask for advice.

Application in the house

For individual requirements we can set up a complete rainwater recovering system for your household. Advice, installation, service – all made by Dangel. Tip: Often rainwater recovering systems are funded by the government. Ask your local authorities.

Application for industry and trade

According to governmental guidelines and eventual support programs, rainwater systems are becoming more interesting even for industry and trade. Professional systems and a wide field of application achieve relevant financial and ecological advantages. Dangel – your competent point of contact even for large rainwater systems.

Rainwater use with style

Rainwater stores (design)

Rainwater stores (design)

Rain water barrels

Rain water barrels

Rain water tanks

Rain water tanks

Services sector

We won’t leave you alone! You can rely on us – not only for the planning and installation of sanitation, but also for a long time after! Whether your sanitation needs repair work, regular maintenance and inspection or any other service – we will be there, fast and reliable to help with advice and action.

Our service range:

  • For private and industrial customers
  • All repair work
  • Complete service
  • Regular maintenance