We are your qualified partner not just for metal facades and metal roofs. For us, combining traditional plumbing with modern techniques is not a contradiction. Whether modern architecture or lovingly detailed renovation, the simple gutter or a complex roof drainage system, cost-saving industrial facade or renovation of historical buildings: here you will find competent consultation and implementation regarding “Metal in and on your building”. Our wide range of products covers for example connection profiles, window- and windowsill-plates, brickwork-, garage- and roof-frame covers, box gutters and slope plates as well as porches and façade panels. Even individual pigeon guards are part of our range.

Metal facades

A house’s face – We strive to gentrify industrial, commercial and residential buildings through creative composition using our various facade systems. As a partner for architects and clients, we can give your building a unique look. We advise and support you in planning and arranging all of your outside and inside facades. Metal cladding on gables is not only for the visual appearance; they will also protect your building in the long term and will preserve its value. Our professional and on schedule completion will satisfy you.

Panel facades

The system’s elements: The panels can be mounted vertically, diagonally and horizontally. If mounted horizontally, ends can be delivered sealed. The system as a whole: Sophisticated components complete the system in corner solutions. Prefabricated corner components for inner- and outer-corners. An optimal solution is also achieved when mounting panels horizontally as you get the effect of non-stop panels. The system in width and length: Four standard panel widths: 140 mm, 190 mm, 223 mm and 2920 mm. Variable lengths: 0.5 m to 6.0 m ensure secure connections and variety of design. Clientele: Dangel-Metall manufactures Dangel panels for your properties throughout Germany. We also complete the installation of standing seam panels within a radius of approx. 150 km around Lenningen. For properties located further away, we ask that you hire specialized craftsmen in your area. The system is easy to mount and can therefore be installed without difficulty. Please submit written (per e-mail) inquiries for your properties abroad. We ask for your understanding that inquiries in English may not be answered immediately as our technical translator is not in the office every day. Naturally we will process your inquiry as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance for your patience.


Residential house near Metzingen

Metal wall panels from Dangel with substructure in color aluminum. Laying horizontally including all connection work. Base formation in stainless steel V4A.

Business house in Stuttgart

Restoration of the facade with 2200 m² metal facade with substructure, consisting of two facade systems. The panel facade is in the colour brick red, the laying is horizontally, the ribbed facade ist formed rolled, colour RAL 9006, in aluminium colour coated. Additionally the restoration of the facade as well as the cornice, roof parapet and connection sheets.

Redevelopment of a garage in Kirchheim/Teck

Metal panel cladding of aluminium on garage wall with substructure, and joining and cover plates.


High-rise housing complex in Stuttgart Neugereut with annexes

Dismantling of old facade and evening out of surface was carried out by the customer. Subsequent mounting of 2-piece aluminum substructure with thermal insulation. Completion of approx. 280 window flashings out of aluminum with connection and end pieces. Production and horizontal mounting of Dangel metal panels (aluminum) in colors RAL 9006, RAL 9007, cream and red. Surface approx. 4.500m².

New building Volksbank Derendingen Tübingen

Metal panel facade out of anthrazinc laid horizontally with window flashings, connection and end pieces. Integration of the business sign into the panel facade as well as completion of overall plumbing.

Factory building Pliezhausen

Metal panel facade out of aluminum RAL 9007 and accentuation of the corners in the color anthracite. Completion of the metal substructure, thermal insulation and all connection pieces.

Facade renovation private residence following hail damage

Metal panels out of aluminum RAL 9007 mounted on wooden substructure with connection and end sheets in area of main facade and patio.

Residential and commercial property Nuertingen

Facade renovation using aluminum Ral 9006 and 9007. New metal panel facade mounted on existing steel facade. Customized subconstruction with bracing on steel girders as well as inlaid thermal insulation.

Phillipp Matthäus Hahn school Nuertingen

Energy-efficient facade renovation with colored metal panels, subconstruction and thermal insulation.

Residential duplex Lenningen

Facade renovation of home with double garage. Removal of the old fiber cement facade. Mounting of Dangel panel facade in colored aluminum (matte light grey and chimney red).

Residential property Weilheim

Metal panels mounted on wooden subconstruction provided by customers. Laid vertically (perpendicular) with window skirting and joint plates. Material: pre-weathered titan zinc.

Lenningen nursery school (Brucken area)

Conversion of original flat roof to pitch roof. Completion of plumbing, metal roof and facade. Facade out of brown-coated aluminum sheet clad with Dangel metal panels.

Dinkelscherben school building (near Augsburg)

Facade refurbishment with Dangel metal panels including substructure and insulation. Material: aluminum RAL 9006.

Mannheim Police Station

Metal facade with Dangel metal panels as well as substructure and insulation. Material: Nedzinc, pre-weathered. Technical journal "Baumetall" (PDF ca. 700 KB)

Several residential and office buildings in the City Quarter of London

Facade cladding and roof frame made from Dangel-Metal panels. Material: VM zinc in various surfaces (natural-zinc, quartz-zinc, anthra-zinc).

Renovation of residential and shop building in Neuhausen/Filder

Upgrade of building and appreciation of property value. Panel made from coloured aluminium, brilliant silver before and after.

Private residence of an architect in Pforzheim

Titan zinc, pre-weathered.

Private residence in Oberlenningen

Facade renovation: Gable with verge and windows. Metal panels made from colour-coated aluminium.

Butcher shop in Obereinsingen

Lift cladding with substructure of aluminium sheet, red.

Private residence of an architect in Bad Urach

Copper natural, carport with panel cover in copper.

Kreisbau in Weilheim/Teck

Panel facade staircase. Titan zinc, pre-weathered.

Chemists’ building of the Bundeswehr in Ulm

Metal facade with corner forming. Titan zinc, pre-weathered.

Wehrturm in Schongang (Vodaphone)

Metal facade with substructure. Copper TECU-OXID.

Private residence in Munich

Gable facade with lug and cover-sheet. Coated aluminium.

Private residence in Oberlenningen

Gable facade with lug and cover-sheet, copper.

Angled standing seam

Gives you numerous configuration possibilities and different surface qualities. Its bold seams distinguish it. Vertical or horizontal mounting possible.


Trumpf Ditzingen - office building

Facade cladding in angled standing seam, material:
titanium zinc - pre-weathered, vertical layout.

Daycare Bad Cannstatt

Window flashing with standing seam system, material: aluminium “Majagold”.

Catholic parish hall in Owen

Facade refurbishment and plumbing, copper facade in angled standing seam replaces old cement asbestos shingles.

Trumpf Ditzingen

Facade cladding in angled standing seam, material:
titanium zinc-pre-weathered, horizontal layout.

Nursing home in Stuttgart Sonnenberg

Facade in metal TECU-Patina.

Private residence in Stuttgart Killesberg

Metal roofing, barrel-vault, TECU-tin.

Music school in Fellbach

Conical speculum covering, copper patina.

Knoll in Mötzingen

Furniture manufacturer, Titan-zinc, pre-weathered, Quartz-zinc.

Corrugated profile

Profile sheets in even and demure profiles. Especially good for jointless look on large areas.


Stuttgart Northgate

Custom-made facade, edged special profile and Aluwave.

Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft LEG in Stuttgart

Aluwave facade

School in Kirchheim/Teck

Aluwave with substructure, intrados sheets, covers and underview.

Car dealer in Kirchheim/Teck

Aluwave with substructure, ledge and intrados sheets.

Ribbed facades

Functional metal facades for visual integration onto an existing building.


Trumpf in Ditzingen

Metal wall panelling, ribs for ventilation system with substructure, Aluminium, colour-coated.

Perforated plate facades

Individually perforated facade, matches your building in functionality and form.


Schorndorf Public Utility Company

Perforated sheet out of anodized aluminum (3 mm thick).

Commercial building Nellingen

Multiple-canted perforated sheet facade mounted on doors and walls. Material: Colour-coated aluminum.

Residential and commercial building in Weil der Stadt

Alu-metal panel facade with perforation. Through perforation of the metal panels in front of the windows, you can get a continuous panelling surface on the façade while still letting through enough daylight and without blocking the view.

Private residence

Perforated plate facade made from copper.

Metal slate facades

All over facade system in long- or short sized slates, made from different materials.


September 2023

Old Villa - Residential and Commercial Building in Schorndorf

Plumbing and facade works. Material: Copper oxide. Shingle facade with various axis dimensions. Connection of old building to new building with window surrounds and parapet completion.

Addition on the “Versuchshalle für Fördertechnik und Logistik der Universität Stuttgart”

For this property we received the 2008 European Architecture Award for metal roofs and facades.

Design of metal roof and slate roof made from Tecu Oxid®.

Catholic parish hall in Nagold

Shingle facade with metal substructure and insulation in Tecu Oxid. Intentional "random" distribution of shingles in various lengths and centre-distances.

Metal laminate facades

The laminate panels are laid vertically or horizontally on a subconstruction. With a variety of colored design options, this metal facade impresses.


Sports hall

Energetic facade restoration with substructure and thermal insulation.

Residential property near Kirchheim/Teck

Residential building annex with metal laminate panels in anthracite.

Metal roofs

A metal roof is not only durable and maintains its value, but it also offers a multitude of design possibilities for modern architecture. We provide innovative solutions for facades and metal roofs, allowing for the perfect union of aesthetics and functionality. Through the wide range of utilizable materials and surfaces, shapes and colours, there are no limits to your demand for creativity. We are your qualified partner for metal roofs in the most modern of designs.

Benefit from the advantages of our metal roof systems:

  • Considerably more durable than a tile roof
  • Versatile design options with regard to shape, surface, material and colour
  • Unbeatable leak tightness, long-lasting value, nearly maintenance-free

Standing seam roofs

A standing seam roof is constructed out of parallel panels of sheet metal. According to your specifications, the standing seam can be executed as a double standing seam, angled standing seam or battened seam ridge. Utilizing profiling machines, Dangel-Metall is able to manufacture the standing seam as requested and provide you with the shape, colour and connection you desire.

Areas of application for a standing seam roof:

  • Roof: Arched roof, domed roof, pitch roof, balustrades, parapets, attics
  • Elegant, aesthetic impression through fine lines
  • Variety of shapes possible: Conical, convex, concave
  • Wide range of colours
  • Facade: Complex structures possible
  • Very durable, weatherproof and nearly maintenance-free
  • Available in a variety of materials: Zinc, aluminum, copper
  • Wide range of colours


Parliament Building - Stuttgart

Metal roofing - standing seam system, material:
titanium zinc - pre-weathered and stainless steel roof - roll seam welded.

Residential house in Stuttgart

Metal roofing out of Uginox with ridge ventilation,
a snow guard system and the integration of light domes.

Postquartier Stuttgart

Completion of various plumbing tasks with custom-made sheet metal. Metal roofing in standing seam system out of aluminum (colored) with metal subconstruction (fire safety) and insulation. Parapet cladding in stainless steel.

Rosenberg church Stuttgart

Metal roofing out of copper in standing seam system.

Sonnenberg Aldingen

Metal cladding of an elevator shaft in standing seam system. Material: colored aluminum.

Am Sonnenberg Ludwigsburg

Metal roofing of edge and bay in standing seam system.

Volksbank Deizisau

Pre-weathered Titan zinc.

Volksbank Plochingen

Pre-weathered Titan zinc.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer in Bad Boll

Metal roofing in TECU-Patina, stainless steel substructure, flying roof edge.

Petrol and rest stop Lonetal East und West

Titan zinc natural.

Protestant Brotherhood Kecharismai

Reconstruction after fire, copper, manufacturing and mounting of steps.

Convention centre in Ulm

Tower roofing, Titan zinc natural.

Daimler Chrysler Sindelfingen

Dome construction, TECU-Tin.

Private residence in Dettingen/Teck

Porch in copper.

Barrel-vault roofs

The Dangel-Metall company has the necessary equipment available to manufacture a premium-quality barrel-vault roof. Using an arch bending machine, moulded metal sheets are customized to your specified radius. The barrel-vault roof is designed as a rounded standing seam system and has already been realized by Dangel-Metall in numerous projects. Benefit from our specialist know-how and our company’s longtime experience and request your individual quotation.

Areas of application for barrel-vault roofs:

  • Retroactive addition of rooms
  • Windows can be rabbeted
  • Very durable, weatherproof and nearly maintenance-free
  • Wide range of colours
  • Optical accentuation of particular areas of the roof
  • Set aesthetic and architectural accents
  • Variety of materials possible: Zinc, aluminum, copper


Day-care center Sindelfingen-Maichingen

Metal roofing for barrel-vault roof in standing seam system out of Falzinc with all connections.

Haus der Kirche, Heilbronn

Metal roof special construction rounded, copper TECU-CLASSIC.

Musikhochschule Stuttgart

Barrel-vault roof with snowguard, copper.

Batten roofs

A batten roof is utilized for the structuring and division of larger roof surfaces. In this process, wooden battens are also incorporated. In particular for classical or historical buildings, a batten roof offers many advantages when roofs or surfaces should be renovated and optically accentuated.

Areas of application for batten roofs:

  • Attractive structuring and separation of roofs
  • Optical element through the division of roof surfaces

Advantages of a batten roof:

  • Expansion of metal sheets can be contained
  • Panels are optically separated
  • Very long-lasting
  • Weatherproof
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Variety of materials possible: Zinc, aluminum, copper
  • Wide range of colours


“House of History” in Stuttgart

Batten roof with integrated flue and safety barrier system, copper-patina.

Stepped roofs

Through its step-like configuration, an elegant structuring of the roof surface can be achieved. This graduated, horizontal installation offers owner and architect the opportunity to realize an exceptional design. The metal sheets of the stepped roof are beveled and mounted overlapping.

Areas of application for a stepped roof:

  • Optical alternative: Unusual, elegant design
  • Step-like configuration and structuring

Advantages of a stepped roof:

  • Elegant appearance
  • Very long-lasting
  • Weatherproof
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Variety of materials possible: Zinc, aluminum, copper
  • Wide range of colours


Private residence in Plochingen

Panel facade, metal stepped roof, Titan-zinc, pre-weathered.

Private residence

Metal stepped roof made from pre-weathered Titan-zinc (also available as Photovoltaic-System).

Industrial roofs

An industrial roof from Dangel-Metall is utilized in particular for large surfaces such as warehouses, production facilities, sports facilities or office buildings. Our skilled professionals install the prefabricated sections efficiently and on schedule. Our industrial roofs can be used for new construction projects as well as roof renovations (e.g. replacement with fiber cement).

Areas of application for an industrial roof:

  • Large surface roofs: Warehouses, production facilities, office buildings, sports facilities
  • New construction projects and roof renovations

Advantages of an industrial roof:

  • Good cost-performance ratio
  • Efficient installation through prefabricated sections
  • Very long-lasting
  • Weatherproof
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Variety of materials possible: Zinc, aluminum, copper
  • Wide range of colours


Residential complex in Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Coloured metal roofing with Zambelli profiled roofing system, spacers and thermal insulation. Assemblage on substructure on site, elevator shaft made of titanium zinc, all plumbing works.

Company facility Lenningen

Renovation of an old fiber cement roof with Zambelli-profile roofing system. Mounted on trapezoidal sheet metal with spacers and thermal insulation. Material: aluminum stucco.

Lenningen nursery school (Brucken area)

Metal roofing out of industrially pre-molded sheets (Kalzip) with all plumbing connections as well as snow guard with ice stop.

Gymnasium Lenningen

Roof refurbishment using pre-molded metal sheets (Kalzip) with wood sheathing substructure with thermal insulation. Sheets for this property were up to 27 meters long. Material: aluminum brown-coated. Manufacturer: Corus Bausysteme. Replacement of dome lights and incorporation into new metal roof. Mounting of safety barriers, walkways, snow guard with ice stop and steel pipe (Loro) downspouts as well as general plumbing.

Bodyshop in Kirchheim/Teck

Roof renovation, demounting of old asbestos sheets. Mounting of a prefab profile roof made from aluminium, including all cover plates and also ducts for chimneys and vent holes.

Dormer cladding

In addition to the possibility of emphasising individually designed features, dormers are mainly used for creating more space in garrets. When renovating old buildings as well as building a new house, dormer cladding makes an interesting contrast to other building materials and gives a high quality impression. We utilize diverse materials for our dormer cladding. You're welcome to come in and see them for yourself.

The advantages of metal dormer cladding:

  • Many dormer types possible
  • Interesting material combination
  • Weatherproofness
  • Many plumbing techniques used (such as: Angled standing seam, Dangel panel system or facade systems)
  • Individual one-off production in various widths, materials and shapes
  • Professional roof connections


Fashion boutique in Kircheim/Teck

Dormer cladding in standing seam system out of copper.

Hotel Silber Stuttgart - museum and memorial site

Cladding of 28 dormers out of copper in standing seam system and general plumbing work.

Residential house in Stuttgart

Historic dormer panelling of titanium zinc.

Residential house in Beuren

Dormer panelling of titanium zinc in standing seam system with drainage.

Private house in Nürtingen

Complete dormer panelling in standing seam system of copper with all connection works, finishing, and drainage.

Private residence in Owen

Dormer cladding with Dangel metal panels out of copper, laid vertically.

Lemberg street Stuttgart

Complete dormer cladding in standing seam system with window skirting and apron as well as installation of snow guard. Material: titan zinc and Uginox.

Castle courtyard Aldingen

Dormer cladding of an elevator shaft using titan zinc in standing seam system with ventilation grille.

Residential and office building in Kirchheim/Teck (Schweinemarkt)

36 gables with pre-weathered titan zinc as well as completion of all plumbing.

Private residence in Lenningen

Metal cladding with connection and end piece, copper.

Friedrich-Ebert-Park Esslingen

Dormer cladding in titan zinc.

Private residence in Ebersbach/Fils

Renovation (eternit Ò metal), aluminium, colour-coated, window grates stainless steel, sheet work (before and after).

Chimney cladding

In chimney cladding you will find the same advantages as you have in dormer cladding. Our demand: “Perfection in every detail” – means for us not only to ensure professional functionality, but we also want to make sure that all connections on the roof meet visual appearance requirements.

Advantages in cladding your chimney:

  • High aesthetic value
  • Interesting material combination
  • Weatherproofness
  • For old buildings as well as new ones
  • Many plumbing techniques used (such as: Angled standing seam, Dangel panel system or facade systems)
  • Individual one-off production in various widths, materials and shape
  • Professional roof connections


Residential house in Aichtal

Fire place cladding of coloured aluminium in standing seam system.

Chimney cladding made of metal

Chimney cladding of private residence following hail damage

Metal panels out of aluminum RAL 9007 laid horizontally on substructure with upper covering and stainless steel hood. Alignment to the roof surface.

Chimney cladding using panels in different widths

Titan zinc, pre-weathered.

Chimney cladding

Chimney cladding with copper.

Roof drainage

Roof drainage systems protect the outside and cellar walls on your building from getting damp. Rainwater running off your roof will be directed by a drainage system consisting of gutters, downpipes and fittings, into existing public drainage and straight into the rainwater utilisation system. We are specialized in all questions and solutions regarding this subject:

  • Complete roof drainage directly from the manufacturer – all from one supplier
  • Special gutters in all sizes and shapes for individual use
  • Unique manufacturer in Germany for Gutters with inflow-plates made in one piece (patent holder)
  • Gutters, downpipes and fittings also available as a do-it-yourself kit
  • Leaf guard
  • Rainwater utilisation systems


Roof drainage system

Gutters, downpipes and fittings in various forms.

Mounting example

1: End piece 2: Half round gutter 3: Gutter holder 4: Gutter angle 5: Gutter pipe end 6: Tube turn 7: Downpipe clip 8: Patented high-frequency welded down pipe 9: Rain collector 10: Revision spline end with leaves trap

Metal balconies and garages

Also for cladding balconies and garages, metal panels prove to have good formability and versatility in visual appearance. For every architectural idea we have the suitable, building-appropriate solution.

Advantages of our panel system:

  • Improvement of visual appearance of buildings, side buildings/garages
  • Interesting material combination
  • Long lasting solution
  • Various designs
  • Fast mounting due to prefabricated elements
  • Panels can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally
  • Perforated steel plates
  • Colour-coated metals and much more


Balcony refurbishment with metal

Balcony cladding with Dangel metal panels of various centre-distances, joint 20 mm. Inner wall balcony cladding out of plain sheet with sliding rails. Material: Copper Tecu Oxid.

Metal balcony cladding

Aluminum balcony cladding, partially perforated.

Balcony cladding

Aluminum balcony cladding, partially perforated.

Balcony cladding

Perforated aluminium metal panel.

Balcony cladding

Balcony cladding with copper.

Garage door metal cladding

Garage door metal cladding with copper-oxide.