Renovation of historical buildings

We are committed to tradition – Our qualified experts are committed to renovating and restoring according to modern requirements and standards, always aware of the historical responsibility and the monument preservation. Detailed replication and preserving the basic structure of the building in its original is our target. Traditional craftsmanship compliments modern technologies, so historical buildings can be preserved for succeeding generations.


St. Martin's Church Pfullingen

Renovation of the spire through standing seam roofing out of copper. Adjustment and reformation of the multi-piece roof cornice. Circular modulations of the copper cladding at the tower dial.

Town hall in Esslingen

Plumbing at the historical Town hall in Esslingen.

Neckarstreet in Esslingen

Entire renovation, completion of the plumbing with refurbishment of the spires. Material: titan zinc.

Villa in Stuttgart

Roof renovation out of copper. Completion of various plumbing tasks.

Linsenhofen City Hall

Complete renovation of city hall tower. Turmfalz roofing with pre-weathered titan zinc as well as lower plate end piece.

Karl-Olga Hospital in Stuttgart

Roof construction replicating the original, Copper-Patina (before and after).

Castle Köngen

Reproduction of the dragonhead true to original in copper.

Town hall tower in Oberlenningen

Renovation, copper.

Private residence near Munich

Renovation of the drain pot, copper.