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Company history

Dangel-Metall GmbH was founded in the year 1969 when Gottlieb Dangel, a skilled coppersmith, started up a sanitary and plumbing business in Oberlenningen. Gottlieb Dangel managed to enlarge his customer base gradually and finally gained his first major client with the local paper mill Scheufelen. This successful business connection continues today. With the award of a contract to act as a supplier for Keller Lufttechnik, the first investments in machinery became necessary and the first employees were hired. As orders became larger, difficulties in storing machinery and raw materials made it impossible to carry on business on the site. In 1973 Dangel-Metall GmbH moved into their new location in the Oberlenningen industrial park: a new factory with offices and exhibition areas was built. In 1980 it was once again necessary to expand to accommodate the many large orders.

With construction of the patented “combined machinery for gutters and drains“, Dangel-Metall GmbH extended their range for sheet metal forming and plumbing. At that time, metal roofs and facades were becoming more and more of interest. Continuous investment in conventional and modern CNC-controlled machinery assured the company a leading position in their trade in the Baden-Württemberg area and beyond. In the year 2001 Dangel-Metall GmbH put their new focus mainly on “modern architecture” by buying a “Profile-cutter system for metal panel facades, walls and ceilings“. The sales area was also regularly modernised and today we work with efficient computer applications in spacious offices. The number of staff grew from the former one-man-business to 40 employees at present. In 2006 Frank Dangel (son of Gottlieb Dangel) and his wife Patricia Dangel took over the management of Dangel-Metall GmbH.


The Dangel-Metall GmbH museum for sanitary, copper forge and plumbing traces back to the founder Gottlieb Dangel. In this unique museum, located on the company’s site, tradition and development of the trade is shown. Machinery, tools, office equipment and vehicles are part of the collection as well as exhibits showing people’s way of life in the old days. It is the wish of the Dangel family to pass this unique exhibition on to the next generation. If you would like to visit our museum, please arrange an appointment.

Definitely not "old junk"

Definitely not old junk

Definitely not "old junk", published in regional press "Der Teckbote" on 30.09.2009 (PDF 1,2 MB)